This week's Flashback Friday is dedicated to 1984. Several big franchises were either born or spawned sequels that year, among other films.  Long before he was fathering illegitimate children with his longtime maid, Arnold Schwarzenegger took audiences by storm in The TerminatorRalph Macchio first waxed on and off in The Karate Kid, we became acquainted with the furry, cute, yet destructive creatures known as Gremlins, and Captain Kirk and crew embarked on their most dangerous mission yet in Star Trek III: The Search for SpockTom Hanks fell in love with a mermaid in SplashEddie Murphy, fresh from Saturday Night Live took on the role of street-smart cop Axel Foley in Beverly Hills CopHarrison Ford starred in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I know I cried my eyes out during the hospital scene of Terms of Endearment when Shirley McLaine desperately seeks a nurse for her dying daughter, played by Debra Winger. And we learned that when someone asks, "Who you gonna call?" the answer is Ghostbusters.


Josh Kossack is a writer based in Los Angeles, California. When he isn't cruising around with his convertible top down or reading to the blind, he can be found putting Sriracha on pretty much everything under the sun.

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