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American Terrorists 

I came across an atrocity this weekend.  Conspirators are amongst us, flaunting themselves in front of our faces, and NOTHING is being done about it.  

Friends, our Jonathan has a hit out on his life, but nobody seems to care.  Well, I care, and I'm going to bring this to everyone's attention, including the authorities.  Behold, the evidence.

I have questions.  The first one is, how did they mic this?  I don't see lapels and there is so much movement, I don't know if a boom could pick it up.  I need to know.  The second question is why would you post your plans on YouTube?  Cold busted, buddies.  I would walk through FIRE for my man, so if you think you're getting away with this, well you've got another thing coming.  I'm filing a police report immediately.

Jonathan- First of all, you're welcome.  Secondly, I'm leaving the day after tomorrow.  My flight takes off at 8 something in the morning.  LAX.  You should wear comfortable shoes that will allow you to run swiftly to the gate.  Just saying. 

Reader Comments (2)

Ummm, you know this is not for real, right? It's a dark comedy web series. I really hope/assume you realize that. :)
June 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWeez
Weez, I really hope/assume you know Shelby is not a complete retard.
June 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRuby

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