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Ross and Rachel

Does everyone remember the last season of Friends?  Ross and Rachel had a kid, but they weren't married.  They lived together to raise the baby, but they were allowed to date others.  So progressive.

As the season evolved, Rachel is offered a job in Paris.  She mulls it over, but in the end, she decides to go.


Ross really is in love with Rachel and doesn't want her to go, but feels that if he says anything, he's holding her back from her career dreams.  But let's face it, he is also worried about her rejecting him.  It's called an ego.  We all have one.  Get over it.

On the day that Rachel is to depart for gay Paris, Ross decides (with the help of Phoebe) to run to the airport and tell Rachel he loves her before she gets on the plane.  Long story short, he thinks he misses the plane, but she gets off just in time, blah, blah, blah...  She stays in New York and everything comes up roses.

My life is like the last mid-season of Friends.  I am playing the role of Rachel, and Jonathan is just some extra in the background who doesn't even care.   The mulling over of Paris is over and the ticket is being purchased today.  I'm freaking OUT you guys.  I feel just like Rachel when she decided to take the job.  I can only dream that JS is broken-hearted and in store for quite a few sleepless nights.

It doesn't have to be this way.

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