Diana Vickers – The Boy Who Murdered Love 

Diana Vickers - The Boy Who Murdered Love from James Hatt on Vimeo.


I am LOVING this song so much right now, even if the song is about a girl with a broken heart.  Diana Vickers, an adorable English singer song-writer, released this as her second single off of her debut album Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree.  The video is super cute with cool graphics.  The Brits sure know how to turn a subject like heartache into a cheery pop song!

Perfect For: gym, car rides, background party music



Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! It's called Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine. It's perfect for the treadmill when you need to up your game and looking for some much needed inspiration. Makes me think of running down a forest road all powerful and sheet. And you probably heard a bit of it recently, as it was featured in the trailer for the new Ms. Julia Roberts film EAT PRAY LOVE. 

Perfect for: gym, belting it out, car rides, party


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