Olympic hopeful, Jordyn Wieber, alongside her Coach, John Geddert, show us how they prepare for the upcoming meets. Since this was filmed on May 17, they were gearing up for Classic and Visas. As the reigning World Champion and National Champion, a spot on the Olympic team for Jordyn is somewhat considered locked. Of course we can't stress out how important it is that our top girls stay bleeping healthy. Luckily, Jordyn is so beastly strong that she can handle anything. In the words of Elfie Schlegel, Jordyn is "one tough cookie." Actually she calls a lot of the gymnasts that. What I love about Jordyn is her drive, focus and consistency. It goes without saying that she's clean with high difficult routines. A lot of the Elite girls have decent D and E scores but some are head cases and will never see the Olympic light of day. So check out this 6-minute video of Jordyn being her awesome-self in the gym. We're rooting for you girl!

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