Olympic fever keeps getting hotter. So what happens when you combine shirtless athletes with a hot song and an exciting commercial? You get the #takethestage Adidas ad campaign. I personally love the theme of the athletes taking the stage in their particular sport. Check out these two TV commercials for the 2012 London Olympic Games featuring British diver, Tom Daley and British gymnast, Louis Smith. Both athletes talk about having to prove a lot with the Games in their home turf. I mean let's face it, we all know that gymnastics, swimming, diving, track & field are really the only sports people care about. We wish all the luck to all the athletes and can't wait to see them take the stage in a few weeks.

Adidas #TakeTheStage - Featuring Gymnast Louis Smith

Adidas #TakeTheStage - Featuring Diver Tom Daley

Music: Rustie - After Light

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