No rest for the wicked...or pure evil. American Horror Story continues to get even more f*cked up this week. So what was I thankful for this Thanksgiving? Not having to watch this insane episode while eating my turkey and mashed pototoes. Warning: do not read this recap while enjoying your Thanksgiving leftover turkey...cuz you won't.

Grossest Moment:
Before launching into his quite lengthy origin story, Dr. Thredson cooks croque monsieur for Lana. As he's cooking, she asks what he did with Wendy (her dead girlfriend), and he calmly replies that he put her somewhere where she won't be found. *insert shot of the croque monsieur* and *insert my horror as I instantly am convinced they are about to eat Wendy.* Lana tells him the meal is delicious, and he says the secret ingredient is nutmeg (and, oh yeah, YOUR GIRLFRIEND). This hunch was never corroborated, but from the second she took the first bite I felt uneasy and like I wanted to throw up. Anyone else think she unwittingly ate her girlfriend?

Creepiest Character:
This week, there was the usual assortment of creepy characters. Nazi doctor, serial killer, possessed nun, disturbed child...all of whom would be a sound choice for this category. However, in my opinion, Lana was the creepiest character this week.

This week, we learned more about Dr. Thredson's past. Turns out, he has serious mommy issues and was abandoned at a young age, after which he was sent to an orphanage where the children were given only basic care, excluding physical contact. As a result of the abandonment and subsequent lack of care, he has severe attachment issues - issues that led him to form a bond with a 33-year-old female cadaver in his Gross Anatomy class in med school whom he pretended/believed was his mother.  Since then, he has been kidnapping women and holding them captive, killing them when they fail to live up to his maternal standards. Cue Lana. It's revealed that he has been watching her even before she was at Briarcliff. After telling her his whole story, Lana realizes the only way she will survive this is if she actually takes on the role of his mother. She starts calling him "my baby" and cradling him, also going as far as (see most disturbing moment). This makes me so uncomfortable that Lana Winters receives the title of Creepiest Character for this week over Dr. Arden, Sister Mary Eunice, Bloody Face, and the creepy, murderous child. Quite a feat if you ask me.

Honorable Mention:
The honorable mention would have to go to the creepy child, Jenny. Her mother brings her in because she is starting to fear that her daughter has some issues. After being informed there is no Children's Ward at Briarcliff, the mother just leaves Jenny on their doorstep. It seems as though she has killed one of her classmates with a pair of scissors, and her mother no longer feels safe with her around. This child forms an interesting bond with Sister Mary Eunice, who we discover was always the butt of jokes in the past. Now that she a literally the Devil, she advises the child to stand up for herself. We later see that she has stabbed and killed her mother and two siblings with a kitchen knife. When talking to the police, she blames it on the same man she told them killed her friend, playing the helpless child card. I wonder why they didn't realize she gave the exact same description and is wholly apathetic about the while thing....

WTF Moment:
This week we got more background into Dr. Arden's life and work as well. Turns out he met the Monseigneur many years ago after he was apparently "so close" to reaching his research goal. I'm still unclear what this end goal actually was - something about exposing humans simultaneously to syphilis and tuberculosis and letting that simmer for a while in hopes that these creatures he created would survive the impending nuclear war and carry on the human race. So THAT'S what he's been up to. The Monseigneur, who apparently didn't have the whole story, believed this work was for the betterment of humankind, so he gave him free reign over the unfortunate population of those with "wasted lives" - the mentally ill. This week, the Monseigneur finally realizes what is actually going on, but somehow Dr. Arden convinces him not to report him and instead send Sister Jude away since she knows too much. So now Dr. Arden is still creating these zombies, and Sister Jude is headed to Philadelphia.

Scariest Moment:
The scariest moment this week took place back in the present. An anonymous caller has tipped off the police about the murders of the Bloody Face impersonators at Briarcliff. They arrive to a truly horrific scene: the impostors have been strung up in the foyer and are all hanging there dead with their masks still on. My friends pointed out that there were now three of them, when before there had only been two? They decided one was Bloody Face, lying in wait, so every scene in the present had us all even more on edge waiting for him to re-animate and go on a cop killing spree. We later see that he has taken Adam Levine's wife,  tied her down to the table, and is ready to do God knows what to her. She's the one who wanted the haunted honeymoon!

The scariest moment was also accompanied by a moment I found rather funny, which also shows how desensitized this show had made me. While the police are looking around, they hear a phone ring. They find it clutched in the hand of the severed arm of Adam Levine just chillin' in the cell in which it was ripped off. Again, not sure why I found this amusing, clearly this show has warped my sense of humor.

The scene where Lana saws through her chains while Dr. Thredson is having his mini freakout on the phone with Kit also had all of us on edge, but they can't have all the moments this week. Just thought it was definitely worth mentioning because how high was your heart rate? Like, seriously.

Most Disturbing Moment:
Going back to Lana and Bloody Face, hands down the most disturbing moment was the last scene of the episode we were left with until next week. Embracing the fact that she must become his mother in order to survive, Lana fully commits to the job when Dr. Thredson. STARTS NURSING FROM HER À LA THE GRAPES OF WRATH BUT WORSE BECAUSE HE IS NOT ON THE BRINK OF STARVATION. I was traumatized by this when I skimmed over said passage in high school, and now am even more so after having to witness it...

Ryan Murphy. Stahp. Moment:
By comparison, this episode actually managed to focus on three or four of the storylines. We got the backstory of Dr. Thredson, Dr. Arden, and even Sister Mary Eunice. It was a nice change to try and keep track of less, but you can't just start all these insane storylines and then ignore then whenever is more convenient. I understand the whole origin story theme of the episode, but you can't just forget about all the other characters and plotlines now left unaddressed. Despite this, however, this week's episode never made me scream "Ryan Murphy what r u doing?!" at the TV.




When Castle and Beckett finally got together at the end of last season, I held my breath all summer waiting to see where the show would take them. As an avid viewer of Bones, you can understand my trepidation. The Moonlighting Curse is real, guys. So far, however, it seems as though Castle has outwitted said curse for the time being. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep it up!


This week’s episode opened on Castle and Beckett having dinner with Castle’s mom and Beckett’s dad – two people who couldn’t be more opposite. Each passive aggressively insults the other, and you could definitely feel the tension building. Dinner was fortunately (?) interrupted by the murder of a priest.

The tension at dinner carried through the remainder of the episode, with both Castle and Beckett blaming each other’s parent for their parents not getting along. Kate even starts to question her relationship with Castle, asking, “Are we just kidding ourselves?” Prompting me to scream, “Stop that, don’t even think that!” at the television. CLEARLY they are meant to be together and will be forever. Castle seemed to share my sentiment on that fact, as he never faltered in reassuring her. I mean I know he’s a writer and all, but man does he have a way with words. If someone spoke to me the way he does to her…there’s no telling what might happen. Also, him being Nathan Fillion doesn’t hurt the situation.

Anyways, to make a long story short plotwise, in the course of the investigation, Castle and Beckett find themselves in the Bronx in the middle of the night, sans phone and gun, plus one terrified witness (or is he?) with a price on his head. He is the supposed witness to the mob hit on the priest, which the police believe was carried out by Mickey Dolan, an enforcer for the O’Reilly crime family. I probably would have gone along with this storyline if the witness, Leo, hadn’t sprained his ankle running from the two mob guys chasing them. He wouldn’t shut up about it, and I just kept thinking, “OK, they get it, you hurt your ankle and now you’re all even more stuck in this horrible situation.” They made it a little obvious this time around. Still, even though I figured it out, I was on edge the whole episode because I still had no idea how everything was going to play out. In this case, a clever phone message from Beckett tipped of Castle. She made a joke about their parents getting along, which was definitely “too soon,” and he picked up on immediately. Personally, I was reminded of Friends and knew exactly what Ross would have said to Rachel if they were in a hostage situation. (source)
















Per usual, Castle and Beckett finagle their way out of the situation, and Ryan and Esposito show up right on cue. Again, the whole time you know everything is going to work out, but it’s still so great when it does. Giving major props to Andrew W. Marlowe.

Back at the precinct, Castle’s mom and Beckett’s dad have bonded over their missing children and are now the happiest of clams.

The writers of this show are, in my opinion, brilliant. There is so much amazing dialogue that often goes unnoticed and therefore unappreciated. I’ll admit I even missed some of these great lines, so I want to make sure they get the love they deserve. (source)

12. Castle: Someone had a priest assassinated? It’s like a Vatican conspiracy.

11. Castle: Dude, where’s your car?

10. Ryan: Surveillance cam footage outside the church backs Sister Mary’s story. Not that I’d ever doubt a nun.

9. Beckett: So, you’re the boy with the dragon tattoo now?

8. Martha: It’s to die for, literally. I call it “death by chocolate.”
Castle: Now, given your baking experience, is that a prediction?

7. Beckett: Honestly, a creature bursting out of my dad’s chest might have lightened the mood.

6. Ryan: We’re interviewing a nun?
Esposito: Yeah, and I’m gonna be the good cop. You’re gonna be the bad cop so...

5. Leo:  We’re gonna end up floating in the river with cement shoes on.
Castle: Yes, well, technically, if you have cement shoes, you’re not gonna be floating.

4. Ryan: Catholic school is like combat. Unless you’ve been there, you don’t know.
Esposito: Uh, I have been there — in combat.

3. Martha (to Captain Gates): Oh, please stop. You are a terrible actress.

2. Castle: But look at the lock screen.
Leo: What?
Beckett: The password’s the cat’s name.
Leo: Great, so what’s the cat’s name?
Beckett: He doesn’t know.

1. Leo: Great. You have an engineering degree or electronics experience?
Castle: No, but I’ve seen every episode of MacGyver.

My favorite line, however, jumps back to my obsession with Nathan Fillion. Kate is worried because their relationship doesn’t make any sense on paper, so Castle, without missing a beat, tells her, “So what if we don’t make sense on paper, we don’t live our lives on paper.” The sheer confidence with which he says these words is swoonworthy. He’s actually perfect.

Check back next week for my recap/review of “Secret Santa,” and I’ll try to get control of this crush I didn’t know was so severe until writing this out….




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